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Niveau d'expérience : De 2 à 5 ans
Niveau d'étude : Bac+3 (licence/licence pro/bachelor)
Langues : Portugais notions
Espagnol lu, écrit, parlé
Anglais Bilingue
Français Langue maternelle
Allemand notions


Secteur recherché :
Cave / Vinification Marketing / Communication Viticulture
Contrat :
Zone de recherche :
Toutes les régions (France)
Europe Etats-Unis d'Amérique Afrique
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Moins de 2 mois
CV Vitijob

Winemaking & marketing

CV en ligne depuis le : Vendredi 02 juin 2023


2023/2023 Google Ads Certification
  Ads & Marketing
  Bac+3 (licence/licence pro/bachelor)
2018/2020 BTSA Viticulture & Oenologie
  Viticulture & Oenologie
  Lycée, CFA, CFPPA, MFR
  Etude de l'oenologie, de la viticulture, de la chimie organique, de la biologie végétale, des mathématiques, cours de dégustation


En poste depuis le 12/2021 Marketing Consultant
  Marketing / Communication
  B2B salesforce Account Management: analyzing campaign data, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing strategies to drive better results. Client Consultation: conducting performance reviews, sharing best practices, and offering guidance on budget allocation, targeting, and ad formats. Campaign Optimization: monitoring campaign performance and make data-driven decisions to improve key metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on ad spend by adjusting keyword targeting, refining ad copy, testing different ad variations, or optimizing bidding strategies. Reporting and Analysis: preparing regular performance reports, analyze campaign data, and provide insights to clients on the effectiveness of their advertising efforts by using tools and metrics to track campaign success, identify trends, and make data-backed recommendations for future optimizations. Client Relationship Management: willing to foster strong relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction and acting as their primary point of contact for any questions or concerns. Collaboration with cross-functional teams, including sales and support, to deliver a seamless client experience.
du 07/2020 au 10/2021 Assistant Winemaker & Tractor Operator
  Vineyard & Cellar Work
  Cave / Vinification
  Conduct all aspects of winemaking operations, including grape harvesting, crushing, pressing, fermentation, clarification, aging, and bottling. Monitor and maintain fermentation processes, ensuring optimal temperature, yeast activity, and nutrient levels. Perform laboratory analysis on wine samples to assess quality, including pH, acidity, sugar levels, and alcohol content. Assist in blending the final composition of wines based on sensory evaluations. Coordinate cellar operations, including racking, and barrel management. Maintain accurate records and documentation of all winemaking processes and activities. Operate and maintain vineyard equipment, with a focus on tractors and related implements. Conduct routine maintenance on equipment, ensuring safe and efficient operation. Participate in vineyard activities such as pruning, trellising, canopy management, and pest control. Adhere to health and safety protocols, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
du 01/2013 au 08/2018 Wine Bar Manager
  B2B & B2C salesforce
  Oversaw all aspects of wine bar operations, including beverage selection, inventory management, and customer service. Managed a team of bartenders, servers, and support personnel, providing training, guidance, and fostering a positive work environment. Implemented efficient inventory management practices, resulting in improved stock control, minimized wastage, and cost savings. Conducted wine tastings, workshops, and pairing events to educate customers, increasing wine knowledge and fostering customer loyalty. Implemented marketing initiatives, including social media management and collaborations, resulting in increased brand visibility and customer engagement. Ensured compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and licensing requirements, maintaining a safe and responsible environment. Provided excellent customer service by taking orders, making recommendations, and delivering a memorable wine bar experience. Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of wines and assisted customers in selecting the perfect wine based on their preferences and occasions. Prepared and served a variety of cocktails, ensuring consistency and quality. Maintained cleanliness and organization of the bar area, stocked supplies, and performed opening and closing duties.
du 07/2005 au 12/2012 Waitress & Bartender
  B2C salesforce
  Greet and welcome customers in a friendly and professional manner. Take food and drink orders accurately and efficiently. Provide menu recommendations and answer any customer inquiries. Ensure timely delivery of food and beverages to tables. Anticipate and fulfill customer needs, ensuring a pleasant dining and / or drinking experience. Handle customer complaints or concerns with professionalism and problem-solving skills. Set tables and arrange dining areas to maintain a clean and organized environment. Deliver food and drinks to tables, ensuring accuracy and presentation. Monitor and refill beverage stations, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Prepare and serve a variety of drinks, including cocktails, wines, and beers. Ensure compliance with age restrictions and responsible alcohol service practices. Process payments, issue receipts, and handle cash transactions accurately. Demonstrate knowledge of drink recipes, ingredients, and proper preparation techniques. Maintain a well-stocked bar with an adequate supply of ingredients, garnishes, and glassware. Adhere to standardized recipes and portion sizes to maintain consistency. Engage with customers, make recommendations, and provide a personalized bar experience. Ensure cleanliness and organization of the bar area, including cleaning utensils and equipment. Collaborate with kitchen staff, waiters, bartenders, and other team members to ensure smooth service. Communicate effectively with colleagues to fulfill customer orders accurately and efficiently. Support other team members during busy periods or when assistance is required. Contribute to a positive work environment by demonstrating engagement, professionalism and respect.


Experienced in marketing, winemaking, and the restaurant industry, I bring a unique blend of skills and a deep passion for the wine industry. With a proven track record in creating impactful marketing campaigns, I effectively showcase wines to diverse audiences. My goal is to continue making a meaningful impact in the wine industry, contributing to the success of a dynamic company by utilizing my diverse skill set.


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